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What Could Immigration Look Like in 2020?

Next week, 10 Democrats seeking the highest office in the United Stateswill meet in Atlanta, Georgia to engage in spirited discourse. They’ll attempt to convince voters that their plans for America’s future are the most sound,secure, and successful.

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A Guide to the United States Visa System

Whether you are looking to travel, work, study or live in the United States, foreign citizens often require a travel document called a visa that will allow them to enter the country. Here’s a quick look into the United States visa process.

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How USCIS Examines Naturalization Applications?

You can improve your chances of your application getting accepted by learning all about how USCIS will examine it. The better you know how it’s done, the better you can prepare. The better prepared you are, the less likely you’d have any problems.

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What’s on the Path to Residence?

How much do you know about the process behind obtaining American citizenship? It’s a multi-year, several step process that is by no means simple; however, millions of immigrants begin, continue, or conclude their journey to citizenship every year.

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Bringing Your Fiancé to the United States: The K-1 Visa

Bringing your foreign fiancé to the United States permanently can be done through a K-1 visa. This type of immigrant visa allows a U.S. citizen’s fiancé to enter the country as long as the marriage occurs in 90 days or less.

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Who Immigrates to the United States?

There is not a single answer to this question. Every single immigrant is unique; whether they hail from Bangkok or San Salvador or Lagos, there is no single mold that any given immigrant fits into.

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Work Permits ( I-765 Form)

As work permits become a frequent talking point in America’s discourse, it’s important to understand what they are, why they matter, and how immigrants can obtain one.

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