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Top-rated immigration lawyers focused on visa, green card and citizenship cases. Trained by former US embassy staff, CIS adjudicating officers and trial judges.

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Managing Attorney
Alien Attorney is managed by Attorney Orgesi Pandeli, an Emory Law School graduate. A member of the Georgia Bar in good standing, Attorney Pandeli is also an ultra-marathon runner, patented inventor, and former prosecutor. Visit his website here.

Why Work With Us?

do it right
Experimenting is infinitely more dangerous and expensive - mainly because you don't know what you don't know. Do it right, the first time. Often, you do not get a second chance. Our staff is battle tested, focuses on U.S. immigration law and has received extensive training from trial judges, embassy personnel, CIS adjudicators and federal prosecutors.
Do it fast
Immigration rejections, administrative delays, denials and generally improper filings cost time and money. Doing it right is the only way to do it faster.
top law-school attorneys
We hire attorneys from top universities and law schools (e.g., Emory Law School), who have proven their talent. By being selective, we give you the greatest chance at success.
We get it
We get what it’s like to be an immigrant - culture shock and all. We have personally navigated the challenges of requesting and obtaining visas, status changes, green cards, and U.S. citizenship.
Some of Our Immigration Services

Immigration Is Our Focus. Visa, Green Card, Citizenship.

We are grateful to our clients for making us top-rated Atlanta immigration lawyers focused on family-based immigration. From couples doing the long-distance dance, to immigrants who entered the US on a visa and/or overstayed, we know family-based immigration. Through thousands of legal battles, we have developed pattern-recognition and deep know-how for the delicate nuances of family-based and relationship immigration and we bring that arsenal to your unique case. We have developed a proprietary decision and recommendation system that maximizes outcomes while avoiding negative (often irreversible) consequences that others overlook.

Marriage green card icon
Marriage Green Card
Fiance visa icon
Fiance visa
Family based immigration icon
Family-based green card

As Atlanta visa lawyers, we cover all visa types: tourist visas, fiancé visas, spousal visas, work visas, business visas, investment visas, etc. Different factors, including the purpose of your intended travel, will determine which visa type is required under U.S. immigration law.

Fiance visa icon
Fiancé Visa
Marriage green card icon
Spousal Visa
Visitor Visa

As immigration attorneys, we handle all citizenship and naturalization applications. Aided by our proven proprietary system and battle tested legal experience, we examine and flag areas of concern that could hinder not only the attainment of U.S. citizenship, but lead to green card revocation and deportation territory. Once targeted, we neutralize the potential threats and prepare strong legal arguments that produce results.

Immigration documents icon
Citizenship Through Parents
Marriage based green card icon
Citizenship Through Marriage

Based on former prosecutor experience, our Georgia immigration attorneys have special focus on immigration bond hearings, ICE holds and detention. We only work on ICE detention cases in the Southeast.

ICE Holds
Immigration Bonds
Immigration Detention from Arrest

We know the importance of getting integrated in US community and help getting our clients their immigration work authorization, social security number and driver's license.

Immigration Work Authorization
Social Security Card (Tax ID)
Driver License

Flat Fee

With us, you know exactly what you will pay ahead of time without fear of high and unexpected pricing. We make it a priority to take an overwhelming majority of immigration cases on a flat fee basis. A one-time fair price. No additional hourly fees or gimmicks.

The Real Cost Of Do-It-Yourself

Do-it-yourself can turn expensive very quickly when you have to deal with irreversible damages to your case, leading to denials, deportation, and delays. We can help you avoid these costly pitfalls. Doing it right saves you time and money, preventing needless added stress and worry.

Rise2Shine Inc.

A part of our proceeds goes to charities like Rise2Shine Inc., a non-profit committed to giving the poorest children around the world a better chance at life through high-quality food, education, and medication. Since 2011, they've been helping families affected by the Haitian earthquake and abject poverty.
Featured Non-Profit

Rise2Shine Inc

Part of our proceeds go to charities like Rise2Shine Inc., a non-profit committed to going to the poorest of countries, finding the poorest children and giving them a better chance at life through food, education and medication. They've been helping Haitian toddlers and parents affected by the Haitian earthquake and abject poverty since 2011.

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