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What clients say

" Don't know quite where to begin. You took a crazy case nobody would touch, where all hope was lost and what seemed to be against all odds. Went over the top and won. Still shocked as I write this review. So awfully grateful, for life! I'd have no foundation in this country without you guys."

Salvador R
"I’ll let the results speak for themselves. The attorney and staff (1) first and foremost produced results and I got my greencard and social security card about a year and a half now, (2) they responded in a timely manner, even nights and weekends, (3) coached me through my case and explained not just what would happen, but helped me to see my case through the eyes of an immigration officer, (4) the initial consultation was free, and (5) they were not greedy like you hear lawyers be, but worked with me on my payment. So, yes, I am happy to write this recommendation."
Syljan L

"Pandeli thanks you so much for your hard work. My green card came in the mail with no issues. I am telling about you to all my friends with immigration issues."
nur a

"Thank you for your service and for what you have done for me and my family. It was really a pleasure to work with you!"
Yahva n

"Without giving them a dime they helped me solve my minor immigration problem. They saved me money and told me how to fix it. I cant thank you enough."
Oronde c

"The attorney went above and beyond in my case. My green card marriage petition was approved with no issues. He was so quick to respond, which my last lawyer didn't do. He worked with me, even when I needed to make payments on my case. This guy cares. Thanks so much attorney Pandeli. I can't recommend you enough."
Evans W

"Thank you for the great job you have done!!!"
nathael d

"Visa extended. PERM approved. Now have a permanent greencard. Nuff said."
reza a

Why Work With Us?

Flat Fee Pricing

Research suggests high and often unexpected pricing is one of the main areas of dissatisfaction with attorneys and legal service providers. With us, you know exactly what you will pay ahead of time and the overwhelming majority of immigration cases are taken on a flat fee basis.

Multiple Attorney Audit (MAA)

Two heads are better than one. We work together with more immigration attorneys in order to analyze and seek for a better approach to produce the best outcome. Cases get reviewed by multiple attorneys and paralegals, all for the same fair price.

Top Law School Immigration Attorneys

Top universities and law schools are great selection mechanisms. We begin our hiring process with the talent preselection already taking place at great universities and law school (e.g. Emory University). We continue by casting a wide net, receiving hundreds of applications and going through several multi stage interviews, which culminate in an initial probationary offer.

By Immigrants, For Immigrants

We get what it's like to be an immigrant. We have personally gone through the trials and tribulations of getting a visa, extending the visa, changing status, getting a temporary green card and eventually US citizenship.

The Real Cost Of Do-It-Yourself

The low cost of do-it-yourself is quickly forgotten when you have to deal with irreversible damages to your case, leading to denials, deportation and delays that often cost orders of magnitude more than what it would have cost to do it right in the first place. Anecdotally, the majority of do-it-yourself applications make some form of mistake. Avoid the nuanced pitfalls that cause document prep services or even paralegals or generalist attorneys to lose a case, often triggering deportation and removal proceedings.

Have Peace Of Mind

When you engage with us you can rest and be sure you have someone doing it right for you. We use NASA triple redundancy, making sure multiple eyes and hands, both attorneys and paralegals weigh in and review your case before it gets filed.