Frequently Asked Questions

by current and prospective clients

What kinds of immigration cases do you take?

Our specialty is U.S. immigration and global mobility cases and we screen to make sure there is a good fit between what we do, the clients and the cases we take.

Generally, we work on:

(1) A-Z work visas and employment or business related immigration, immigration benefits like H1B, E, L visas, PERMs, extraordinary ability applications etc.

(2) Investment and business related visas. We work with entrepreneurs, investor and business people on trade related visas and investment greencards.

(3) Family petitions. This includes marriage greencards, fiancé and spouse visas, child/parent greencards, etc.

(4) Deportation. We work on so-called "crimigration" cases involving traffic or criminal issues that often trigger ICE immigration detention, or the Convention Against Torture (CAT) cases.

(5) Asylum. We work with people that fear persecution if going back to their country of origin.

(6)Crime victim cases. We also work with victims of crime and their U visas and VAWA cases.

Do we need to meet our attorney in person to get things started?

In short, no. We work with clients all over the world, many of whom we never meet. Technology has advanced enough that everything can be done without having to drive (or fly) anywhere. We are quite tech savvy and believe most meetings are actually counterproductive, with more time and effort wasted than there needs to be. If you do want to meet, that can generally be arranged, but there is a cost to it and it has to be prepaid.

How much do you charge?

Every case is unique and generally all cost varies by the nature and category of the immigration concern. Regardless, most cases have a standard flat fee and the client knows well in advance the total cost of the case.

What is the Alien Attorney process for moving forward with a case?

Once we have a preliminary call to determine if we are a good fit, we send you an Engagement Agreement Invoice - an agreement that once paid, establishes us as your  law firm and the method of payment for retaining us to represent you. Once these are complete, we communicate with you, using a variety of mediums: phone, email, SMS or even WhatsApp to get the requisite information we need and make sure to update you about  what is happening with your case.

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