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FAQ & Legal Matters

What type of law do you practice?
We focus 100% on U.S. immigration and global mobility matters, always screening to ensure a good fit between our work, clients, and cases.
How much do you charge?
Every case is unique; costs generally vary based on the nature and category of the immigration concern. Regardless, most cases have a standard flat fee and the client will know in advance the cost of the case.
Marriage based green card
Our firm has highly skilled marriage based immigration lawyers. Whether you are a visitor looking for a marriage based green card attorney or you are undocumented, have overstayed and are looking to adjust your status through marrying a US citizen, our top-rated immigration attorneys are battle tested and know spousal visas and green cards well. If handled appropriately, spousal adjustment of status green cards can provide great benefits to the intending immigrant.
Fiance visas (K-1 Visas)
Whether you met online or in-person, our fiancé visa immigration attorneys bring couples together and file relationship based cases on a daily basis. Not only do we prepare the paperwork, but we coach you through the immigrant fiance visa journey, the different stages of it, the different players and agencies that adjudicate fiance visas, the embassy interview process, how to spot and remove the fiance visa red flags that cause denials and strengthen your case based on our pattern recognition having seen tens of thousands of cases.
US citizenship and naturalization
Making US citizens is our mission. Our US citizenship immigration attorneys will analyze your case, spot issues that could cause denials or worse, green card revocation, prepare your application and evidence and file with confidence. We are immigration attorneys that work on all US citizenship cases, from naturalization to acquisition or derivative citizenship. Our green card clients will come back and engage us to do their citizenship case.
Family-based green card
Immigrants who become permanent residents of US citizens have the ability to bring their family to the US through family based permanent residence. Under US immigration law, there is a visa immediately available for "immediate relatives" of a US citizen (sometimes for a green card holder too, but not always). Immigration law considers an immediate relative your spouse, your parents and your children under 21 years of age. While you can file for siblings and adult children, there is no visa immediately available for them. As your family-based permanent residence immigration attorneys, we ensure the applications are done properly and in the process help avoid denials and delays, while getting family members their work authorization and tax documents so they can live and be in the US lawfully.
Immigration detention/arrest and ICE Holds
When a non-citizen is arrested, often they will have something called an ICE hold, which is a jail agreement/order to hold the immigrant and not give them the ability to leave the jail until picked up by ICE agents to be transferred to an immigration detention center. Hiring our immigration attorneys, we analyze your case and represent you during your bond hearing in immigration court and coach you around getting an immigration bond.
Work related immigration
We work on all work or skill related visas or immigration. H-1B, E, L visas, extraordinary ability applications, and other related legal entities. We work directly with entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate trade-related visas and investment green cards.
Visitor visa
Under US immigration law, you can apply to come to the US as a visitor for pleasure or business purposes. As immigration attorneys, we have ample experience with visitor visas and work with foreign nationals by either applying for their visitor visa or coaching them around applying for a visitor visa and increasing the chances of success.
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