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We represent aliens all over the world, on all immigration concerns

About Us

We are a group of attorneys, paralegals and tech innovators creating a better way to solve immigration and global mobility challenges for aliens around the world. We believe immigrants are a critical part of any company or country and we feel there is no higher calling than serving others. It is our honor and privilege to serve you and more importantly, to produce results for you.

Featured Non-Profit

Part of our proceeds go to charities like Rise2Shine Inc., a non-profit committed to going to the poorest of countries, finding the poorest children and giving them a better chance at life through food, education and medication. They've been helping Haitian toddlers and parents affected by the Haitian earthquake and abject poverty since 2011.

Managing Attorney

Alien Attorney is managed by Attorney Orgesi Pandeli, an Emory Law School graduate and a member of the Georgia bar in good standing. Attorney Pandeli is also an inventor and U.S. technology entrepreneur.